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📊 Data Services

I help governments, companies, and non-profits obtain and understand travel related data.

Examples of the type of work I have done in the past include:

  1. Data crawling: some data sources are difficult to obtain, perhaps nestled inside a PDF document or dynamic website page. I help you get hold of it.
    Case study 1: I parsed data found across 20 different websites for a marketing team at a major airline.
  2. Data science insights: large datasets can be challenging to work with both computationally and theoretically. I help you maximise learning and understanding.
    Case study 2: using a mix of temperature, health, and refugee data I was able to calculate “at risk” areas for a charity.
  3. Data feeds: the output of work is an important consideration. I help you build APIs, Excel spreadsheets, or a simple websites to share what you’ve found.
    Case study 3: I produced an interactive public website for a local government to share data from internal reports.

I currently have limited availability for hire, send me a message to see what we can work out.