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Tuvalu Welcomes Just 1000 Tourists Per Year. France, 83 Million

Modern day travel has become incredibly easy. Even comparing it to 15 years ago; more routes are available than ever before, travel times have reduced, and costs have typicallyĀ droppedĀ significantly.

The turn-of-phraseĀ ‘small world‘ is now a common oneĀ (although its use may be in decline). In 2014, there were 1.133 billion international tourist arrivals worldwide, with a growth of 4.3% as compared to 1.087 billion in 2013.

Yet parts of the world are still inaccessible through your budget carrier — and some still unexplored. But where are they?


Every year the UN World Tourism Organisation publishes a report titled “Tourism Highlights“. For this post I used the 2015 version (data reported is for 2013). The report contains tourism statistics for 217 countries, including inbound tourist arrivals and receipts. Using this data I was able to identify the countries that report the fewest tourists.


UNWTOĀ inbound tourists 2013

countries inbound tourists chart

Full map.

Did you know? The 3 countriesĀ thatĀ receivedĀ the mostĀ tourists in 2013 were: 1. France (83.6 mil arrivals), 2. United States (69.9), and 3. Spain (60.6).

Full ranking.

UNWTO least touristed regions

Ave Tourists p/Destination by region

Download chart.

If you want to steer clear of tourist traps and other travellersĀ your best bet would be a holiday somewhere in Africa… or Bangladesh.

UNWTO least touristed countries

Inbound Tourists 2013 Country (<100k Inbound Tourists)

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-Rank (tourists) Destination Inbound Tourists 2013
19 Rep. Moldova 96000
18 Dominica 86000
17 Sierra Leone 81000
16 Timor-Leste 79000
15 St. Vincent & Gren. 72000
14 San Marino 71000
13 Anguilla 69000
12 Djibouti 63000
11 Liechtenstein 60000
10 Guinea 56000
9 Tonga 51000
8 Micronesia FSM 42000
7 Solomon Is 24000
6 American Samoa 20000
5 Montserrat 7000
4 Niue 7000
3 Kiribati 6000
2 Marshall Is 5000
1 Tuvalu 1000

Full list.

These 19 countriesĀ wereĀ all reported to receive less than 100k inbound touristsĀ in 2013.

There wereĀ 91Ā countries in 2013 that received less than 1 million inbound tourists.

Did you know?Ā The 3Ā countriesĀ thatĀ receivedĀ the fewestĀ tourists in 2013 were: 191. KiribatiĀ (6000 arrivals), 192. Marshall IslandsĀ (5000), 193. TuvaluĀ (1000).


This post was inspired by Gunnar Garfors, who in 2015 compiledĀ a list of the least touristed countries from a wide array of sources beyond only the UNWTO.

His list of 25 countries is very similar, with some notable differences in the bottom 3 countries: 23. Tuvalu (1200 inbound tourists), 24. Somalia (400), 25. Nauru (160).


According to the UNWTO the 3 countries that have the lowest number of inbound tourists in 2014 were: 191. Kiribiti (6000Ā inbound tourists), 192. Marshall Islands (5000), 193. Tuvalu (1000)


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