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$100 Per Week To Have Your Airbnb Cleaned in Miami

Airbnb rentals can be a great alternative to hotels, not least because they’re often cheaper.

As the company expands it’s reach into the global tourist market an ever increasing number of cities have hosts making their properties available to rent through the company.

For travellers on a budget the choice of destination is often heavily weighted on cost of accommodation, one of the largest expenditure of any holiday.

So where can you find the cheapest Airbnb rentals?


To draw up a list of cities for comparison I turned to GoEuro’s “Accommodation Price Index” published in 2016 (using data from 2014). This list of 150 cities consists of the top tourist destinations chosen based on several factors including hotel availability and size of hospitality industry.

I then turned to Airdna for data on Airbnb rentals. I examined the average nightly cost of “Entire place” studio, one, and two bedroomed rentals on Airbnb (house and apartment) during the month of Feb 2016 (May 2016 for cleaning rates) for the cities collected from GoEuro. Airdna had data for 87 of the 150 cities listed on the Accommodation Price Index.

Many listings on Airbnb are not actively rented. Airdna has defined its own definition of what constitutes an “active” property. I am only considering “active” properties in this post, although admittedly I’m not 100% sure of the definition.

airbnb active rentals feb16

Full map.

Rank (most active rentals) City Active rentals total Feb16
1 London, UK 29718
2 Paris, France 29344
3 New York (Manhattan), USA 16648 (26795 NYC)
4 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 16057
5 Berlin, Germany 13931
6 Barcelona, Spain 13550
7 Rome, Italy 12383
8 Sydney, Australia 11800

Full ranking.

It is surprising more US cities are not on this list of most active rentals, especially given this was the Airbnb’s first market. It is also surprising to see European cities, London and Paris, in first and second place respectively.


Studio price index

Entire Studio House and Apartment Nightly Rental Ave USD Feb16

Download chart.

Studios can be rented as cheaply as $26 USD before fees (St. Petersburg, Russia) although most rentals (58/87) have a nightly cost of between $35 – $75 USD.

Airdna studio rentals Feb16 Map

Full map.

Rank (most expensive) City Entire Studio (House & Apartment) Nightly Rental Ave USD Feb16
1 Manchester, UK 169.50
2 Singapore, Singapore 154.50
3 San Francisco, USA 153.50
85 Mumbai, India 31.50
86 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 29.00
87 St. Petersburg, Russia 26.00

Full ranking.

San Francisco (2nd) and Singapore (3rd) are expensive places to live and as such would be expected to be cities with high rental values.

Manchester in 1st place ($169.50 USD p/night) almost $15 USD more than second placed Singapore ($154.50 USD) is unexpected — not least because rents are on average 63% cheaper in Manchester than London (ranked 9th @ $109.50 USD p/night). My assumption for this would be that there is a greater supply of studios geared to transient populations in London, San Francisco, and Singapore. Whereas in Manchester studios are likely to be of higher specification, more centrally located, and mainly designed for traditional renters. What do you think?

1 bedroom price index

Entire 1BR House and Apartment Nightly Rental Ave USD Feb16

Download chart.

There is a wider spread of prices for one bedroomed apartments compared to studios, perhaps because of more supply (greater choice), although this is just an assumption as Airdna only provides a single aggregated “active” rentals number for all property types.

airdna 1br rentals feb16 map

Full map.

Rank (most expensive) City Entire 1BR (House & Apartment) Nightly Rental Ave USD Feb16
1 San Francisco, USA 172.50
2 Boston, USA 167.50
3 New York (Manhattan), USA 164.50
85 Sochi, Russia 35.00
86 Budapest, Hungary 34.50
87 St. Petersburg, Russia 26.50

Full ranking.

In most cases, one bedroomed properties are around 14% more expensive than studios. What constitutes a studio and a 1 bedroomed is somewhat of a grey area though. I’ve stayed in Airbnb rentals listed as 1 bedroomed that official measures would deem a studio. Frustrating, ever-so-slightly. However, could be one reasons that accounts for this ever-so-slight increase in cost.

2 bedroom price index

Entire 2BR House and Apartment Nightly Rental Ave USD Feb16

Download chart.

Whilst most 2 bedroomed places are below $200 USD p/night before fees, 5 cities have an average above this figure. 2 cities cost more than $300 USD a night, Dubai, UAE ($326.50 USD) and Frankfurt, ($311.50 USD).

airdna 2br rentals feb16 map

Full map.

Rank (most expensive) City Entire 2BR (House & Apartment) Nightly Rental Ave USD Feb16
1 Dubai, UAE 326.50
2 Frankfurt, Germany 311.50
3 Boston, USA 281.50
85 St. Petersburg, Russia 44.00
86 Sochi, Russia 40.50
87 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 38.00

Full ranking.

At the other end of the scale, a 2 bedroomed places in Eastern Europe can be picked up very cheaply. The 10 cheapest cities for 2 bedroomed cities are all in Eastern Europe (all below $60 USD).

Cleaning fee index

Once you’ve got your heart set on a place, don’t forget to budget for the additional fees charged. These include a cleaning fee set by the host, and it’s not always as cheap as you might expect.

Cleaning fees help hosts account for extra expenses they have getting their listing ready before guests arrive or after guests depart.

Ave Cleaning Fee USD May16

Download chart.

You’re probably wondering what city has average cleaning fees that amass on average $100 USD per rental. That city would be Miami, USA.

airdna cleaning fees may16 map

Full map.

Rank (most expensive) City Ave Cleaning Fee USD May16
1 Miami, USA 100.00
2 Boston, USA 95.00
3 Ibiza, Spain 91.00
84 Bucharest, Romania 12.00
84 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 12.00
87 Kiev, Ukraine 10.00

Full ranking.

You might notice that 2 of the top 3 cities with the highest cleaning fees could both be considered “party towns”, Miami and Ibiza. Parties = mess = more cleaning?


Whilst this post identifies the most expensive cities in which to rent an Airbnb apartment, it does not look at potential profits hosts can achieve. Or put another way, the differences between cost of ownership or longterm rental against Airbnb income.


The cheapest “Entire place” Airbnb rentals can be found in Eastern Europe. For a studio or 1 bedroomed place go to St. Petersburg, Russia (ave. $26 USD p/night exc. fees), and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2 bedroomed places ($38 USD).


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